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Custom Lanyard Printing

Our lanyard comes in a high-quality printing to ensure that product's meeting your expectation. You can choose to accessorize your lanyards with our add-ons, attachments and other accessories which would be ideal for your advertising purposes!

For printing, there are 2 type of lanyard “Heat Transfer” and “Silkscreen”. It is depending on your printing design, order quantity and budget. We can propose the best solution that satisfy your need.

Heat Transfer Lanyard

The lanyard can be full color heat transfer printing. Thanks to dye sublimation technology. You can print any design you like on the lanyard. lanyards material is made from polyester threads, its texture is completely smooth and softer make comfortable for wearing. Heat transfer lanyards may customize with the related name and/or logo of the business or organization event. In order to cater for different needs, lanyard can be included with different accessories like hook, metal clip etc.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: Approximately 90cm
  • Width: 15mm, 20mm or 25mm
  • Printing Method: heat transfer full color
  • Finishing: clip, button or sewing
  • Accessories: Metal clip, hook, safety clip, buckle

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Silkscreen Lanyard

You might need a very simple lanyard just for function event. "Silkscreen Lanyard" with single color printing is your best choice. Nylon Lanyard is extremely durable and low cost of ownership.

Pick a nylon lanyard (there are many colors choice), then proceed with silkscreen printing (usually printing in black or white color only). 

  • Material: Nylon
  • Length: Approximately 90cm
  • Width: 15mm, 20mm and 25mm
  • Printing Method: Silkscreen 1 color
  • Finishing: clip, button or sewing
  • Accessories: Metal clip, hook, safety clip, buckle

Accessories option - Click here


Difference between Heat Transfer Lanyard & Silkscreen Lanyard

  • Heat Transfer Lanyard: 
    ✅ Digitally printed with sublimation heat transfer.
    ✅ No limitation on colors and design.
    ✅ Sharp printing which makes smaller texts readable.
    ✅ Long lasting print that won't fade or crack over time.
    ✅ Suitable for promote corporate company branding.
  • Silkscreen Lanyard:
    ✅ Solid color only without gradient
    ✅ May look slightly pixelated even with high resolution artwork
    ✅ Printing may crack and peel over time.
    ✅ Suitable for events, temporary staff.
    ✅ Low cost of ownership.



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