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Printing Services in Kuala Lumpur

This is our main operation in printing services. We possess textile heat transfer production and factory that enable us to deliver printing service in fast turn around time. By collaborate with our business partners, we can provide one-stop solution for tshirts and gift printing service.

We offer an extensive range of printing methods with a flexible, collaborative approach to producing the most outstanding results for our customer

Based customer’s requirement, we can determine the best printing method to use in order to get an outstanding result and keep the cost of your t-shirts as low as possible. Our flexible approach and can combine printing method to archive the most optimum results for customer.

Basically all printing tasks are operate in our in-house production and we know well in different printing methods, thus we can ensure best product quality, on time delivery, competitive price, peace of mind and 100% satisfaction.

Heat Transfer & Digital Printing

Heat transfer printing has gained significant importance and favor in several industries especially in the personalized gift industry as an alternative for printing more unique personalized gifts with no minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Heat Press Printing also known as Iron-on heat transfers, is often popular. This is because it allows for easy customization of tees, as well as printing in multiple colors at low costs for small quantities. Usually it done by printing on a heat transfer medium. For example, this medium could be a heat transfer paper or a vinyl rubber type material.
DTF Heat Trasnfer

Direct to film printing is a printing process that involves printing a design directly onto a film substrate, and then transfer onto the surface by using heat press machine. Direct to film printing is a cost-effective and efficient method for producing high-quality, durable prints for t-shirts.

Full Dye Sublimation 

Full dye sublimation is a printing process in which ink is injected into the fibers of a substrate, such as fabric or ceramic, resulting in a high-quality, long-lasting image. The ink is heated to a high temperature, causing it to turn into a gas and bond with the fibers of the substrate.

Vinyl Print and Cut Transfer

Vinyl print and cut is a method of creating custom designs for t-shirts. The process involves printing a design onto a sheet of vinyl using a specialized printer, and then using a cutting machine to precisely cut out the design. The cut-out design can then be transferred onto the surface by using heat press machine.

Silkscreen, Embroidery and UV Print


Silkscreen printing services is an economical method for t-shirt printing in volume.

It is the preferred printing method for large quantity order as it is economical cost with highest durability.


Embroidery is a process where thread is stitched on the product surface. Logo embroidery is used most often for apparel. Embroidery logos are look really good for polo shirts, caps and hats, bags and so on.....

Embroidery can create a professional look logo. However. some logos may need to be minor altered as it is very difficult to recreate shading using threads.

UV Printing

UV printing is similar to traditional printing in the fact that it uses ink. But unlike traditional printing in which the ink dries absorbs into the paper and evaporates into the air, UV inks dry from being exposed to ultra-violet lights that almost instantly turn the liquid ink into a solid.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the most popular t-shirt printing methods?
    The most popular t-shirt printing methods are silkscreen printing, heat transfer, and sublimation printing.
  • How do I choose the right t-shirt printing method for my design?
    The best t-shirt printing method for your design will depend on factors such as the number of shirts being printed, the colors and complexity of the design, and the intended use of the shirts. Silksccreen printing is best for large runs and simple designs, while heat transfer and sublimation printing are best for printing full-color designs on light-colored fabrics.
  • What is the cost of printing a t-shirt?
    The cost of printing a t-shirt can vary depending on factors such as the printing method, the number of shirts being printed, and the complexity of the design. Silkscreen printing is typically the most affordable option for large runs, while heat transfer and sublimation printing can also vary in cost depending on the type of printer and ink and image size being used.
  • How long does it take to print my order?
    Printing time varies depending on the size of your order and the complexity of your design. Typically, it takes about 7-10 business days for us to print and ship your order.
  • How many colors can I print?
    We can print up to CMYK full-color (also called process or four color) on dark or white shirts.
  • How do I submit my design for printing?
    You can submit your design in a variety of file formats, including PNG, and vector files (AI, EPS, PDF).

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